Personal Note

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     "product" : "",
     "size" : "[30x40] [12x18inch]",
     "image": "https://..../filereference.png"
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A personal note can be sent along with the order, whether it be a textile or poster. This will be sent in the packaging and cannot be sent separately. For example a gift from the customer to a friend of theirs or a message from you to the customer. Custom content per order.

Paper weight 140 g in the size A6.

If you would like a different type of paper or size, please contact us! We can introduce you to the rest of the options.

Available only for API merchants.

Print resolution is 600dpi for an A6 size. Ideal print files would be in PDF, but png files are great too.

This is a packaging add-on and will not increase the time needed to produce the order.

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