Alongside the launch of our new website, we’re also starting a blog to discuss issues related to Printmotor, our customers, technology, e-commerce and other interesting subjects. In our first post we discuss how we at Printmotor see the future of e-commerce developing with the help of on-demand production.

Regardless of where they are located, all current and aspiring e-commerce retailers face similar challenges: predicting sales of different products, investing in inventory, storing the goods, delivering them to customers as quickly as possible, maintaining customer support, handling returns – the list is almost endless.

Our mission at Printmotor is to take these challenges out of the hands of retailers and let them focus on what they do best: designing great products and promoting them to potential customers. Naturally, the product selection for on-demand production is currently limited, but technological advances will change all this. We’re planning to add a host of new products to our selection over the next few years.

With shipping volumes much higher than a single retailer can achieve, we’ve been able to negotiate efficient and cost-effective shipping options for global deliveries. With our logistics partners, we can deliver an order to virtually anywhere in the world in just one to three days. This efficiency opens up the global market to companies operating from anywhere in the world. With the help of Printmotor, even a team of product developers on a remote island can become successful e-commerce retailers, while concentrating solely on product development and marketing.

For new retailers, the traditional e-commerce business model involves significant upfront investment. Printmotor changes all that. With no set-up charge or monthly fees, anyone can start a new e-commerce operation in minutes on the Printmotor platform. And with no investment in inventory needed either, Printmotor enables true global e-commerce competition with virtually non-existent barriers for market entry. We’re completely changing the game by enabling a new wave of global entrepreneurship.

We are looking forward to working with entrepreneurs from all over the world in the coming years, helping them to make their exciting and innovative products and services available to the global marketplace. If you’ve got a great idea for a product or service, get in touch and let’s discuss how we can help you make your idea a reality.