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If you want to open a Printmotor Store you don’t need a registered company.

API and Shopify customers must have a registered company.

You can start using Printmotor in three different ways:

  • Open your own Printmotor Store at
  • Connect your existing webshop to Printmotor by downloading the Printmotor app from the Shopify app store. You can download the app here.
  • Connect your existing standalone webshop to Printmotor using the Printmotor API and send product order requests to us directly. Read more about the Printmotor API.

Printmotor is available globally, so wherever you are located you can start selling your products anywhere in the world.

There is no set-up charge or monthly fee for using Printmotor – you only pay for the products you sell.

Payment for orders:

    • Printmotor Stores
      • Your customers pay for the order, we collect the payment and reimburse you on a monthly basis for your share.
    • Printmotor API
      • We bill you monthly for the orders we have delivered.
    • Integrations
      • You enter your credit card details and pay for each order as it comes in.
      • We can also arrange invoicing if you’re selling high volumes via Shopify.

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