Shipping and prices

The two types of shipping service we offer each have different levels of guarantee. Express shipments include a full replacement guarantee  for damaged or lost orders. For priority shipments sent via the global postal network, replacements are the customer’s responsibility.

Yes. We offer tracking for our express and priority shipping services.

Your packages will not include any Printmotor branding, but the address label will show Printmotor as the sender.

For a small additional charge, you can add your own sticker on the packages. We can also include small flyers with your packages.

Posters are packed in durable brown or black cardboard tubes.

Textiles are packed in durable plastic bags designed especially for clothing.

You always set your own prices; we simply charge a fixed fee per product.

We deliver your products to your customers from our production locations around the world.

You can choose to have your orders delivered by DHL Express or priority mail, which is handled by DHL Global Mail. You can find all the different options and prices on our production and shipping page.

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