We have a Shopify app named Printmotor. We are still working on the application, so if you have anymore questions about the Shopify app, don’t hesitate to contact support at

There is no defined fee for using our service. You will only be charged for the products printed and the shipping costs. These will be invoiced every month. If no products were ordered within a month, you will not be invoiced for that month.

Our expert staff are happy to provide you with support via email whenever you need it. Contact

Yes, you can connect with Woocommerce! Check out our short guide for more information on how to do this.

APIs (application protocol interfaces) allow different computer programs to communicate with each other.

You don’t need to understand all the technical details to start using Printmotor, but if you want to connect a standalone webshop to Printmotor via our API, you will need the help of a programmer to get started.

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